What is a fragrance cooler?

Our Fragrance Cooler is fragrance that's dewy moist and soothing to the touch. Crazy soft on contact! Like velvet in a cool twist-on swivel stick. Sweet on the skin and leaves no residue.

What it is

An innovative fun-loving, skin-loving color fragrance form that glides on to touch and will drench skin with a light layer of the perfect perfume scent. This "skincare" like fragrance is the new trend in both skin care and fragrance making the coolest gift idea for friends, birthday, holidays or college.

What it does

Leaves an invisible layer of skin-loving sensuous scent. This perfume for women is the perfect anniversary gift, birthday gift for girlfriend, gift for teens & 21st birthday gift. Bring the latest trends to your loved ones, they will love you for it!

How it works

Apply to skin on pulse points, neck, décolleté or anywhere fragrance would be applied and watch Sparti Scents quickly become one of your favorite beauty supplies. Glide on for an on the go swipe of luscious scent. This perfume for women is one of the hottest trends in the skincare and fragrance industry and for good reason too!


Use as part of your everyday fragrance routine for a quick scent pick me up on the go or for constant use. Now portable, colorful, playful and on-the-go for easy use and wear as part of your daily lifestyle routine. Sparti Scents is so compact and convenient, it makes the perfect small gift or birthday present for teens, birthday present for girlfriends or college gift for that trend setting girl in your life.

“Every industry needs a disrupter. Someone who forces the industry to take a giant leap forward outside of its comfort zone and the cycle of evolution!”


Associate Chairperson Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing
Fashion Institute of Technology

A Revolution In Scent has arrived