Sparti Scents evolved from a 15-year friendship and a desire to create a new voice and vision for the fragrance and beauty category. After interviewing hundreds of fragrance fans from around the world, award-winning entrepreneurs and executives Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas set out to revolutionize the way consumers use, love and wear fragrance.

Their vision: to re-think new forms of fragrance, new delivery systems and new experiences to make fragrance a part of your every day lifestyle and routine.  

The Fashion Group International recently honored Abby and Caroline at the ”Rising Star” awards ceremony as finalists in the beauty entrepreneur category for 2019.


Abby Wallach

Abby Wallach is an award-winning beauty and media entrepreneur, executive producer and digital media expert. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Scentinvent Technologies, LLC and the Creator of Sparti Scents. She has held executive positions at Showtime Networks Inc., and Nederlander Television and Film. She was the co-founder of Beautiful Stranger.tv, the first online media brand connecting content and commerce and is the executive director of Fashion Week Brooklyn. Remodista, a social think tank for retail disruption has nominated Abby as one of the top Women 2 Watch in Global Retail Disruption from 2016-2018. She won the innovation award for retail disruption in 2017. Abby has been featured as an Entrepreneur of the Week by Rebecca Jarvis, ABC News and is currently a co-host of the Beauty Is Your Business Podcast by Mouth Media. 


The Founders

Caroline Fabrigas

Caroline is a beauty expert, entrepreneur and award-winning executive. Some of her recent awards include; a Fashion Group International, Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Recipient of the Beyond Beauty Award, WWD Beauty Biz New Product Launch of the Year Award, Woman of the Future Award, Beauty Honoree and Fashion Group International Rising Star Nominee, Caroline has held executive level positions at Clarins, Prada Beauty, Lancaster Group, Lancome, Estee Lauder and Chanel. Her most recent position has been as CEO of Scent Marketing, Inc.



Sparti Scents™ unique forms deliver fragrance at pure and concentrated levels for intense, lasting delightful scent. Packaged in a cool twist-on portable swivel stick so you can Sparti anytime, anywhere! For everyday use or an on the go fragrance for women.

All Sparti Scents™ fragrances have been developed by a world-class senior perfumer.

SPARTI SCENTS™ New Fragrance forms

It’s time for a celebration of scent and self! And you’re invited to be part of this new scent revolution trend. A world where fun-loving, skin-loving fragrance meets inspired scents for your lifestyle — where new sensual product forms meet festive glam, classic aromas go edgy, romantic goes rogue and sexy gets even sexier.

Powered by Scentinvent™ Technologies, Sparti Scents™ offers:

•  Breakthrough trade secret product forms that feel like velvet on contact, for a sweet-on-skin feel with no residue.

• Unexpected application gestures that provide new ways to wear fragrance.

• A multi-sensorial scent experience that is a playful trend and portable and a pleasure to the senses.

•  Superior product textures that provide skin loving benefits with high quality skin care ingredients for extra skin nurturing on delicate pulse points with an addicting scent.

•  Rigorous safety and efficacy testing, not tested on animals.

Sparti Scents™ Clean Commitment

Alcohol Free
Mineral Oil Free
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Sulfate Free
Formaldehyde Free
Pylphenol Free
Petroleum Free
Alkyl Phenols Free
Ethoxylates Free

Never tested on animals

Our products are: fragrance fan tested and fragrance lover approved. For the perfect long lasting scent and fragrance for women.

A Revolution In Scent has arrived