Abby Wallach of Sparti Scents - It's a Revolution!

The vision: to re-think new forms of fragrance, new delivery systems and new experiences to make fragrance a part of your every day lifestyle and routine. Abby Wallach shares how Sparti Scents' unique forms deliver fragrance at pure and concentrated levels for intense, lasting delight. Packaged in a cool twist-on portable swivel stick so you can Sparti anytime, anywhere! All Sparti Scents fragrances have been developed by a world-class senior perfumer, and Sparti Scents evolved from a 15-year friendship and a desire to create a new voice and vision for the fragrance and beauty category. After interviewing hundreds of fragrance fans from around the world, award-winning entrepreneurs and executives Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas set out to revolutionize the way consumers use, love and wear fragrance.