2 Gals Disrupt The Fragrance Business

As part of Walmart’s fragrance innovation strategy, ‘Sparti Scents’ is filling the beauty aisles with it’s new mini-stick powered by Scentinvent Technologies, LLC. It’s portable, clean, playful, accessibly priced, alcohol free and fun to show off. The brand is powering up social media feeds with joyful content built around community.

The ‘Sparti’ Founders say they’re really excited that after 8 years from inception, their GIRL ON THE GO campaign is going live with The NEW Cool Way to Wear Fragrance and words of empowerment.

Girls nationwide are sharing how Sparti fragrances make them not only smell great, but give them a boost of confidence throughout the day.

Abby Wallach & Caroline Fabrigas, beauty industry veterans, join me to share the exciting news of their big launch and also share the back story of just what it takes to bring a new perfume concept to life.

They also share how the ‘Sparti’ brand got its name. Let’s just say somebody’s’ son is really smart. Wink.

If you like entrepreneur stories you’ll enjoy this fun and informative podcast interview.

These 2 gals are perfect examples of following the advice I always give here:  

“Risk It Or Regret It!