Smell Good, Look Good, Feel Good with Sparti X BEAUTY by POPSUGAR

The Sparti Scents LOOK with BEAUTY by POPSUGAR
Smell good, look good, feel good for fall!
Want to get the Sparti Vibe?
Check out how our Sparti Ambassadors created a fun, fresh look based on their favorite Sparti Scent with BEAUTY by POPSUGAR. We hope it inspires you!
"I feel super shimmery and out of this world in my new LOVE Sparti look." — Caroline
"I love looking glowy and bronzy when I wear my LOVE Sparti!" — Gianna
"Loving my burst of citrus scent with Spring Sparti and my pretty, new makeup look. I'm blushing!" — Jordyn
"All that's left is to apply my LOVE Sparti, and I am ready to pucker up for date night!" — Sage
"I am dancing my way to another galaxy wearing my favorite Dance Sparti Scent and this super-cool Be Cosmic Crystal Liquid Lip." — Aerin
"Hot Damn!! I am wild for my new pop of red lip! It's Dance Sparti time with this newfound vibe." — Jamie
"I love my new Dance Sparti vibe with BEAUTY by POPSUGAR! Perfect to dance the night away!" — Casey
"I believe in magic!! Do you? Loving my new fun, fresh LOVE 'No makeup, makeup look' with BEAUTY by POPSUGAR!" — Maddie

For all of the Sparti Scents looks with BEAUTY by POPSUGAR, check out our Pinterest board.


I loved the Sparti and BEAUTY by POPSUGAR collab! I loved all of the looks that people made and how Sparti was in their routine!!

Siena Piacente October 08, 2020

I absolutely love working with Sparti Scents! I had the best time creating my BEAUTY by POPSUGAR and Sparti Scents look! Ever since I created this look I have been using my BEAUTY by POPSUGAR products everyday!! I can’t wait to order more!! My favorite scent is the Love Sparti! It is such a fresh smell! I can’t get enough! I’m almost out! I have to order more! Xoxo

Maddie Manfredi October 08, 2020

Love love love! All the looks created by Sparti Scents and BEAUTY by POPSUGAR are absolutely amazing and fun! I am obsessed with my Sparti and never leave the house without it!!

Madison October 08, 2020

This collab with BEAUTY by POPSUGAR was so fun! I loved seeing all of the different looks and how you can also bring your Sparti into the routine! It was so fun and so fresh… it’s a SPARTI!!!

Olivia October 08, 2020

This collab was amazing! Who doesn’t like to look gorgeous and smell even better?! I could not have asked for better products!

Sage October 08, 2020

Sparti x Beauty by Popsugar Collab was so much! Playing with fragrance and makeup is literally every girl’s dream!

Jamie Tracey October 07, 2020

Sparti Scents is amazing! I love the community that is being built! These fragrances are so gentle and easy on the skin and smell SO good! It is also so convenient to carry around with you without having to worry about any spills!

Jordyn Rauch October 07, 2020

I loved creating looks for each scent and seeing what the other ambassadors did for the scents as well. I am already so obsessed with my BEAUTY by POPSUGAR products and they work perfectly for any Sparti Scent look.

Aerin Cantor October 07, 2020

I had the best time creating my Love Sparti Scents look with all of the amazing products from BEAUTY by POPSUGAR. I’ve been using my clean-smelling Sparti Scents and the new makeup products everyday. I cannot wait to order more of the BEAUTY by POPSUGAR products to create more Sparti Scents looks!

Caroline October 07, 2020

I really enjoyed seeing all of the looks created with Sparti Scents and BEAUTY by POPSUGAR. The Sparti Scents are so amazing and make me feel so good when I put them on. I really love the BEAUTY by POPSUGAR highlighter and I can’t wait to order more products!

Gianna October 07, 2020

LOVE LOVE LOVE! So cute! Im obsessed with all my Sparti’s

Dani October 07, 2020

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