It's a Scent Party with Clutch Queen, Julie Mollo!!

Welcome to the party with Clutch Queen, Julie Mollo and Sparti Scents! She is all about ease...and parties...and packing her clutch on the go! She loves throwing everything in there and running out the door- and our Sparti Scent perfumes and fragrance are perfect for all of that.  She thinks of it as her super luxe glue stick perfume that you can rub on for a pick me up anytime of day.  It's a total trend! She wears her love sparti every single day and is obsessed! She is also wild for our packaging because it's full of sparkles just like her bags and plus the brand is women owned!  As a gift for friends, gifts for girls, gifts for your mom, it's a perfect duo. Does it get any better than that? 


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