Remodista & Halo Business Community Join The Sparti

Remodista and Halo Business Solutions, a group of like-minded retail executives #JoinedtheSparti to experience our fun-loving, skin-loving fragrances in a virtual Sparti Party! A BIG Thank You Kelly Stickel, Monika Tockstein, and our Sponsor Aiswarya Shankar. It was the perfect way for our amazing community to come together and experience our new forms of fragrance for a scent celebration. Leslie Leifer, 1800Flowers, Tara Fratello, Shannon Cattapan of Hanesbrands and Debra Taitel joined the smell good, feel good fun! Check out a celebration of scent and self in the link below. Super fun idea for the holidays with clients, friends! It's A Sparti! Let's Party!

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